My brother John and I traveled to the West Coast to purchase and drive back home old Alfa Romeos - four times! The links below connect to web pages that were made from the road during those trips. (They haven't yet been converted to a mobile-friendly format.)

It's Portland to Boston 2004! You can follow our exploits as we meander from Portland, Oregon to Boston on the back roads of America in Dave's red 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta, armed with digital camera, laptop, and a thirst for misadventure. Started April 6th, 2004 and updated daily until our return sometime later!
It's Road Trip 2001! Follow along on our previous wacky road trip, as we saunter from San Francisco to Boston on the back roads of America in Dave's burgundy/tan Alfa Romeo GTV.  Started May 10, 2001, updated daily until our return almost a couple of weeks(!) later, and still online!
It's Dave and John's Great Alfa Romeo Saga!  Our September '98 cross-country journey in brother John's new old '72 Alfa GTV! This site was also updated daily with pictures and, uh, commentary from our traveling laptop and digital camera. You can still read about and see photos of our daily travels!
And here's the Travelogue we put together documenting our previous trip to the Southwest back in June of '98 to buy Dave's green '74 Alfa GTV and drive it home.