Having each bought Alfa Romeo GTVs on the west coast back in 1998, and having helped each other drive them back to Massachusetts via the country's scenic back roads each time, the Pratt boys had gotten the itch once again. Dave bought a '74 GTV, the third of his Alfa career. But the best part is that it was located in ... San Francisco! Time for another Road Trip! So we flew out and started driving her back on Wednesday, May 9. No Interstate highways for us—this was 13 days of driving the back roads of America (with perhaps another country thrown in) in an Alfa, with plenty of stops (scheduled and unscheduled) along the way!

So travel vicariously along with us!  We hauled along a laptop and digital camera and updated this web site daily with our progress (or lack thereof). Click on the Next Day link below to get started, or use the map or calendar below to connect to the individual days' events.

Our route across the country

These pages chronicle our journey with Dave's new old Alfa - the route we took, places we stopped (intentionally and otherwise), things we did, and other exploits.  Click on our path on the map above to check out what we did along that part of the route...

May 2001


...or click on the calendar days above to see what (if anything) happened that day.

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Thanks to Brian Shorey for checking out the car for John and pronouncing it healthy!

Thanks to Jim Demeter (previous owner) for keeping the car in such beautiful condition!

Thanks to the many Alfa Digest members who responded to my request for an Alfa shop near Mountain View.   We chose A-1 Foreign Auto since they were so nearby.  Lots of Alfas in the yard, very knowledgeable, great people - thanks!

Thanks to our very gracious hosts and great friends Allen and Rita Downs!

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