The Torquay - Using modern electronics than made overdubbing easy, Dave recorded 26 of the tunes that The Torquays played back in the '60s and put them on a CD, but you can also listen here.

How I Brew Beer - Ahhhh, beer.  Dave brews his own and has made a set of videos that shows how he does it.

Age Regression - This is how Dave got to be what he is today.

3D or not 3D - A view of Dave in stunning three-dimensional fidelity, for what its worth.

Car Models - I'm not very good at it, but it's relaxing and fun.  Here are a few pics.

PORNO! - Back in the late '70s, before the advent of the Apple II, I wrote a program that ran on a 4-bit microprocessor and slowly spewed pornography on a Teletype machine.  It was funny to watch, and here's a simulation.