These pages are here to document other trips we've made, either together or individually. (They haven't yet been converted to a mobile-friendly format.)

Mexico! We finally got around to scanning some of the photos we took back in the '80s and '90s during our winter sojurns to the Yucatán.
Vi's New Mexico Trip - Vi's illustrated account of her July 2007 trip to New Mexico with Saucy Russell, Vicki Savastio, and Mary Counihan. (Opens as a separate web page.)
Laying Waste to Ireland - the tale of a disorganized band of five New England scoundrels comprising the three Pratt brothers (Joe, John, and Dave), their second cousin once removed (or something like that) Doug Lumpkin, and an unrelated hooligan named Mike Counihan on their May 2006 pilgrimage to the Emerald Isle. (Opens as a separate web page.)
Vi & Sandy Visit Greece - Vi and her artist/friend Sandy were both accepted into an Artist Residency at the Foundation for the Arts at Skopelos Island, Greece—a small island northeast of Athens in the Aegean Sea—in April/May 2006.  You can read about their adventures and see lots of photos here.  (Opens as a separate web page.)
It's Road Trip 2004, Dave & Vi's account of their road trip from Dedham to New Orleans and back, actually a trip that was planned to last much longer, but............