Like clockwork, a disorganized band of five New England scoundrels has been making a pilgrimage to the British Isles once every ten years in search of good beer and good times. Said band comprises the three Pratt brothers (Joe, John, and Dave), their second cousin once removed (or something like that) Ougday Umpkinlay*, and an unrelated hooligan named Mike Counihan. The first trip was in 1986 and desecrated southern England and Wales; the second was in 1996 and befouled northern England and Scotland. And in 2006 we laid waste to ... Ireland!

Turns out that Joe's daughter Jess and her hubby Bobby were living in Ireland for a few months, so we combined a visit to them with our shenanigans. The sortie took place from May 10th through the 20th (2006). These pages include lots of photos from the trip (as well as a few video clips), presented chronologically, with a little commentary added in wherever inappropriate.

So let's cut the shuck and jive. Click here to get on with the show! (Don't get your hopes up...)

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* The name of our companion Ougday Umpkinlay is cleverly disguised here in Pig Latin, in order to thwart any efforts by his girlfriend to find out where he actually was between May 10th and 20th, 2006 via Google search.  He'll be referred to henceforth in these pages as "Doug", which seems safe enough. In case this furtive attempt at internet security fails, "Hi, Linda!" In any event, on with the show!