Many, many moons ago, cousin Mike Moraghan sat down with Nana and a tape recorder to capture this interview. Here's his account of how it came to be:

Nana and I sat at her dining room table when we made the recording using an old tape recorder and a little microphone. If my voice is garbled it's probably because I had a mouth full of ginger cookies. I seem to think it was in the summer of 1980, certainly no later than that, and it may have been 1978 or '79. I was stopping in Plymouth pretty often during those summer months on the way home to Litchfield from Waterbury visiting with Nana, getting my milk and ginger cookie fix, and an occasional Birch Beer or Sarsaparilla from Uncle Bill. I'd usually show up in the late afternoon after Nana was up from her nap, and at such a time that the chores were already done so Uncle Bill couldn't put me to work. I might have lifted a hay bale or two, but mostly I just hung out with Nana.

The result is a great interview with Nana that runs about an hour and a half. They covered all sorts of topics, as you can see below. The interview is broken up here into bite-sized segments to make it easy to return to where you left off or to find a favorite passage.

You can click here to download all of the MP3 files as a large compressed ZIP file (83MB be patient).