Saturday, February 19th, 2011 marked the celebration of the Pratts' 2010 coffee crop (as well as Vi's birthday a day late) with a gathering of family and significant others to roast, brew, and enjoy our harvest. (Well, okay, also to savor a great Thai feast and drink a bunch of homebrew.)

Our coffee tree is one we bought on a lark five or six years ago just to see what it would do.  Well, it grew and grew and now stands over seven feet tall. In 2009, we were surprised and amused to see it produce one coffee bean! That bean must have been testing the waters, because in 2010 much of the tree blossomed, and fruit formed and ripened throughout the year. In early January, 2011, the fruit looked to be at its peak, so I harvested our bounty.

These pages follow the progress of our coffee crop from harvest time through my crude "wet processing", the drying period, and finally the roasting, grinding, brewing, and consuming.

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