1967 Corvette Coupe

Here are some of the details:


Goodwood Green




327 cubic inches


300 HP




AM/FM, Power Windows


Matching numbers, tank sticker

Other Features:

Recent professional restoration, rally wheels

Why am I selling it?  It just ain't me.  I now realize that I simply prefer the high-revving noises and nimble handling of my Alfa Romeos to the brute power and torque of the American iron.  However, I have to say that, of all the cars I've owned (which includes Porsches, Jaguars, Alfa Romeos, MGs, and a Lotus Esprit), THIS is the one that gets the attention!  It's all a matter of personal preference.

I purchased the car last summer from a gentleman in Westborough, MA (president of an electronics instrumentation company) who owned FIVE Corvettes, including two Bloomington Gold winners (a '54 Blue Flame and '65 "big block").  All of them were pampered and stored in his five-car garage.  My green '67 was his most recent project - a 3-year restoration that he mostly performed himself except for things beyond his capability (transmission rebuild and paint, which is SUPERB!).  He parted with the car because his wife (a recent acquisition) insisted on one of the bays for HER car (one of the last RWD Impalas).  Prior to the restoration, the car had been stored in some guy's basement for 16 years!  The odometer reads around 22,000 miles - it's definitely NOT gone around, but probably is not original either.

1967 is considered by many Corvette aficionados to be THE premier model year.  It's the last of the "mid-year" cars and has the cleanest lines with the least amount of ornamentation.  Convertibles bring a bit more money, but, to my eye, the mid-year Corvette coupe is one of the most gorgeous pieces of automotive styling ever brought to production.  Also, the coupe has MUCH more storage space than the convertible, especially with the top down.  Vi and I took the car on a 6-day 1500-mile trip to Virginia and had plenty of room for all our "stuff" (we averaged 18 MPG, by the way).

The 327/300hp engine was the "base" engine in 1967 (hard to imagine in this day and age!).  The "big block" cars bring a LOT more money.  The 327/300 provides plenty of power, and is the smoothest, coolest, and easiest to maintain of all the (five!) engine options.  Back in this era, a lot of people bought the "big blocks" and then proceeded to thrash them.  My car is a conservative color, has conservative options, and has the base engine, so it's safe to assume that the car wasn't abused too badly.

Since I bought the car, I sorted out a few things:  stiff transmission linkage (it's now silky smooth); repaired the mechanical tachometer; repaired the electric clock; and added "Thinsulate" insulation beneath the carpets to keep the cockpit temp down.  Right now, everything works - the car needs nothing.   Because of the meticulous restoration performed by the previous owner, the car could be brought to show quality with very little effort or expense.  It is VERY original and correct, and the condition of everything is FANTASTIC!

I am asking $26,900 (firm) for this beautiful classic.

I'm sure I've left out some of the info that you're interested in, so please feel free to contact me by email at dave@dvpratt.com or by phone at 781-320-8208.

Thanks -


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