Here are some photos taken in the aftermath of all the storms we had in January and and February of 2015, the Boston area's snowiest winter in modern history. Concerned that our nearly-flat roof might collapse (there was over 4' in places), we had some guys come and remove it. Of course, it had no place to go but down, and we now have some 8' piles. Here's hoping that this web page won't need further updates ......

(Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view with captions, and then click on the left & right sides to navigate.) 

Okay, the photos below come with a little story. Whilst out for a walk, Vi spotted some neighbors who'd set up some chairs to do a little sunbathing on top of their snow pile (first pic). Not to be outdone, we decided to set up a pose atop one of our snow piles. Do read the captions ......

The Dam Ice Damn

Water started leaking into Vi's studio, right when the reviewer from Artscope Magazine was showing up to interview her for an article. But the show went on, and our plow guy came and snowblew a deep trail to the back of the house. Then he climbed the ladder and hacked at the ice until the water backed up behind it started to flow. And it flowed like this for quite a while:

Time Lapse

Below is a time lapse sequence of photos taken daily out our front window, starting on the last day of February and continuing until the snow was gone from the table on the last day of March. (Yes, the table is in need of repair.)