April 16, 2004


Naturally, the weather turned really nice the day after we arrived. While we would have much preferred it during our travels, the sunny, 70-degree day did provide me with a chance to give the Giulietta a thorough cleaning—washed her body, chrome, windows, wheel wells, wheels, engine compartment, trunk, floor mats. What a difference! We had gradually gotten accustomed to her grimy, dingy appearance. Here are a couple of shots the way she looks now—the way she's supposed to look!

In response to a number of queries, yes, this 1961 Giulietta Spider 2000 will be making an appearance at Giulietta Giubilee, the Alfa Romeo Owners Club National Convention in Manchester, NH this summer between July 28 and August 1.

Once again, our thanks go to all of you who wrote to us during the trek with words of encouragement, ridicule, questions, and quips. Hope you had some fun—I know we did!



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