April 8, 2004


Well, we made it all the way across the fat part of Idaho and didn't even have to stay there! Wednesday night, we stayed in Ontario, Oregon, not far from the Idaho border. Tonight, we're staying in Jackson, Wyoming, not far from the Idaho border. Whew!

We actually boogied southeast on the Interstate (I-84, in fact) for a couple of hours in order to avoid Boise. Boise, from what we saw of it, is a quaint, picturesque city, in the same vein as, say, Trenton, NJ. Soon, however, we were back on the secondary roads, at which point it started to rain. Undaunted, we paid a visit to "Craters of he Moon" National Monument. This is a huge lava flow caused by eruptions that occur every two thousand years or so. We waited around for a while, but decided to leave before the next one.

Somehow, the rain (which turned solid for a while, in the form of small hail) managed to find its way into the interior of our sporting road car. Glenn's wife had thoughtfully provided us with several towels to help us through such an eventuality, and they were much appreciated. Overall, however, we were both quite pleased with the Alfa's wet weather capability, since we'd both owned MGs in the past. Here's a shot out the rear window, having passed a horse and buggy that we'd wanted to photograph from behind, but I guess we were going a little too fast.

And here's a shot of us coming out of a corner climbing toward the mountain pass leading into Jackson.

We stopped to take in the view at Grand Teton Pass before descending into Jackson, the home of...

The award-winning Snake River Brewery.


Culture of the Day

You always run across something! Back east, we have lots of things that look like this! Well, not really. This shot was taken while motoring through Idaho Falls. Sorry, but we can't think of anything PC to say about it...

Beer of the Day

Ok, we admit that it took us several shots to come up with one that wasn't upside down and/or blurry. In fact, we weren't even that pleased with this one, so we're headed back to the Snake River Brewery right now to try some more. Photographs, that is. Well, except that they probably won't let us in unless we buy something...


And in case you're wondering, the Giulietta continues to run smooth and strong!


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